NGO Japan Overview have planted mangroves in an attempt to stop erosion on Funafala Island. Erosion casued by rising sea levels and extreme weather events caused by climate change are permanently altering the shape of Tuvalu. While global climate change may seem far-off to most, some parts of the world are already experiencing the devastating effects of global warming. The tiny Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu is one such place. Due to sea level rise, erosion, and extreme weather events it is shrinking and may eventually disappear. February, 2008. Photo: Robin Hammond

Human rights not at cost of environment

Posted on November 5, 2017 by Robin Hammond

Robin Hammond’s nonprofit Witness Change demonstrates a commitment towards protecting the environment alongside defending human rights.

In partnership with myclimate, Witness Change offset their carbon emissions to counter the environmental impact of each of their flights. In doing this, Witness Change contributes towards myclimate projects – which are implemented in countries across the globe.

In Tanzania for example, myclimate – using contributions from organisations such as Witness Change – are able to implement high tech solar home systems. This delivers a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels by providing low-income households and small enterprises with a solar panel, battery, lights and cell phone charger. The provision of solar energy sources in developing countries not only actuates sustainable societies, it creates jobs and increases productivity.  

Furthermore, in Nepal, myclimate are able to convert energy supplies used for cooking and heating from petrol gas to sustainably produced biomass briquettes and pellets. This reduces carbon emissions, and by using the forest in a sustainable way, counteracts illegal logging and forest fires. Similarly, in Madagascar, they are able to provide solar stoves; meaning people, mainly women and children, benefit from lower fuel emissions and better air quality.  

All of myclimate projects have a positive social and environmental impact and lots of the projects save lives. In Uganda, 225,000 people have benefitted from safe drinking water as a result of myclimate disseminating water-purification systems.

Witness Change aims to neutralise their carbon footprint as far as possible. In partnership with myclimate, the nonprofit have an environmentally conscious and socially responsible dynamic, whereby its goals – to highlight human-rights abuses, transform opinion and change policy – do not delay environmental progress.

Written by Laurence Pownall.