The Lord’s Resistance Army may no longer terrorize the inhabitants of northern Uganda but decades of unspeakable violence has left deep scars – a generation of Ugandans suffering with mental illness.

To most Ugandans mental illness has little to do with the brain and more to do with demons and witchcraft and when prayer and exorcism doesn’t work, hope is lost – neglect or abandonment results.

In a dark basement under a church men and women are chained to their beds, mumbling and groaning – awaiting salvation.

A humble home on the shores of Lake Victoria houses 15 children abandoned by families that couldn’t cope with the child that they believed cursed.

In the north a mother ties her psychotic son to a tree and prays that God will help him, she does not believe the drugs available at the hospital only one mile away can.

Ugandas Mentally ill are condemned to a life of incarceration, fear, abuse, discrimination. A life without a future. A life without hope.

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