Robin on Arte

Posted on February 2, 2014 by admin

Robin appears on Metropolis, Arte to discuss his passion for Africa, his work on Zimbabwe, his book CONDEMNED and his most recent work documenting life in Lagos, Nigeria.


“Photographer Robin Hammond’s passion for Africa.”

“Since the day Robin Hammond decided to become a photographer he was constantly told that photojournalism was dead. Today, at age 38, the New Zealander is one of the most in demand international photographers. His photographs are published in renowned magazines: The Sunday Times, Stern, National Geographic. His photos have also had great success with the public for example at Rencontres d’ Arles 2013, the renowned photo festival.

Robin Hammond is passionate about Africa, on one hand a continent in turmoil, ravaged by crises, political unrest and humanitarian disasters, on the other, rich cities and booming economies.

It was there that he made ??his series “Zimbabwe – Your Wounds Will Be Named Silence” and his poignant story “CONDEMNED”, dealing with mentally ill Africans thrown into prison, receiving no care and with no hope of being supported. In Lesotho, Robin Hammond documented the landscape and people marked by the traces left by toxic dyes used in the production of jeans.

Entitled “Toxic Jeans”, this series received the Amnesty International award for Outstanding Human Rights journalism. Robin Hammond is currently working on his project “Lagos – No be small t’ing”, a book on the megacity of Lagos, Nigeria. A city he says is “Amazing !” . A year ago, Robin Hammond moved to Paris, the city that saw the birth of the famous Magnum agency.

Metropolis met the photographer.”

By Hilka Sinning