Robin speaks to the Global Mental Health Program at Columbia University

Posted on November 6, 2013 by admin

In October, the Columbia University Seminar on Global Mental Health welcomed freelance photojournalist Robin Hammond, whose award-winning work in human rights and international development illustrates how artistic mediums can be engaged to advocate on behalf of the mentally ill.  Robin shared his experiences documenting the lives and suffering of individuals with mental illness throughout sub-Saharan Africa. ralph lauren uk outletHis journey took him to war-ravaged areas of Congo, South Sudan, Mogadishu; to refugee camps in Somalia and Dadaab; and to Nigera, where government corruption siphoned off funds allocated to provide resources and care for the mentally ill.  His presentation featured photographs from his new book: Condemned’: Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis. polo ralph lauren uk

At the heart of this undertaking was a search for the answer to the question: What happens to those with mental illness – one of society’s most vulnerable populations – in countries ravaged by war, famine, disease, polo ralph lauren sale
and poverty, after infrastructure has collapsed and the immediate relief of international aid and concern has dissipated?  The answer, as his photographs reveal, tells a story of abuse, stigma, abandonment, and neglect. Or, as Robin describes, “a life spent in chains”. ralph lauren outlet online
 Robin hopes his work will raise awareness of the plight of the mentally ill in Africa, by giving a voice to individuals so often silenced and by making visible their suffering.