Spectrum Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe in Spectrum

The Sunday Times Spectrum Magazine publishes Robin Hammond's Zimbabwe work on it's front page. 18 August 2013

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Brave Festival 2013

Robin Hammond's portrait of a gold miner in Mozambique used for the 2013 Brave Festival in Poland

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‘Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibited in Arles

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibited at the 2013 Les Rencontres d'Arles Photo-festival, July 1st - September 22nd 2013

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Forma Invitation

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibition in Milan

Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibition in Milan, Forma Gallery. 25 April – 24 Mai 2013

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'Your wounds will be named silence' on the National Geographic Website

National Geographic Website

Zimbabwe work appears on National Geographic website

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CONDEMNED on the streets of Paris

INIMAGINABLE shows CONDEMNED on billboards around Paris

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CONDEMNED wins FotoEvidence Book Award

The 2013 FotoEvidence Book Award brought projects from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas documenting assaults on human dignity from around the world. There is no shortage of people living under conditions of great injustice but the work submitted for the 2013 FotoEvidence Book Award shows that dedicated photographers everywhere are working to bring this to light and inspire change. We are proud to publish and disseminate the selected projects, which we feel demonstrate the courage and commitment of documentary photographers in pursuit of social justice. Continue Reading →

Photo Robin Hammond/NoorPhoto Robin Hammond/NoorPhoto Robin Hammond/NoorPhoto Robin Hammond/NoorPhoto Robin Hammond/Noor

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibition in Paris

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ Exhibition in Paris. 9 November – 8 December 2012

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Your wounds will be named silence

Zimbabweans living on the front lines of a dictators brutal campaign to hold on to power

Zimbabwe has become a forgotten land.

Today, with no light cast on the dark shadows of President Robert Mugabe’s relentless tyranny, the downtrodden people of one of Africa’s most hauntingly beautiful nations feel rightfully abandoned by the world.

Their modest hope devoured by the malice and greed of politicians, Zimbabwe’s people have nowhere to turn and, against the brutality of the police and military, no strength to cry out in the dark.

Your Wounds Will Be Named Silence tells the story of a lost generation of African’s, living in fear and dying of disease, poverty and neglect. 

A photo essay funded by the Carmignac Foundation Photojournalism Award.


‘Your wounds will be named silence’ on Arte

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ on Arte. 28 November 2012

See the feature: Zimbabwe, ‘Your wounds will be named silence’


ZIMBABWE – Your Wounds Will Be Named Silence, the book, OUT NOW

Robin Hammond's photo project on Zimbabwe is published by Actes Sud and Foundation Carmignac Gestion

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Zimbabwe Paris Match Hammond

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ in Paris Match

‘Your wounds will be named silence’ in Paris Match. 01 November 2012

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CONDEMNED – Mental Health in African Countries in Crisis

Where there is war, famine, displacement, it is the most vulnerable that suffer the greatest.

Abandoned by governments, forgotten by the aid community, neglected and abused by entire societies. Africans with mental illness in regions in crisis are resigned to the dark corners of churches, chained to rusted hospital beds, locked away to live behind the bars of filthy prisons.

Some have suffered trauma leading to illness. Others were born with mental disability. In countries where infrastructure has collapsed and mental health professionals have fled, treatment is often the same – a life in chains.

Condemned Spectrum

CONDEMNED in Spectrum

CONDEMNED in the Sunday Times Magazine Specturm. 23 September 2012

CONDEMNED exhibited at Visa Pour l’Image

CONDEMNED exhibited at Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan, France. Interview on France 3. September 2012



CONDEMNED in Polka Magazine. September 2012

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Famine in The Horn of Africa

the worst drought in 60 years impacts the war torn city of Mogadishu and the world's largest refugee camp - Dadaab

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DRC, Rape: a multi-media production by Panos Pictures

According to several UN reports, the unregulated exploitation of minerals, used in the manufacture of devices such as phones and computers, has fed a conflict which has raged since 1996. It has directly or indirectly caused the deaths of as many as 6.9 million people, and seen the rape, mostly by armed men, of more than 500,000 women .

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